Announcing Publication of QP6 book

Queering Paradigms is happy to announce the publication of its sixth volume:

This edited volume brings together perspectives on embodied queerness within the complicated parameters of hegemonic normativities, biopolitics and social-religious governmentalities. Queering Paradigms VI offers queer interventions, explores value-production in socio-corporeal normative frameworks, and exemplifies and highlights the complexity of queering in the global–local continuum. Queer maintains its revolutionary subversive functionality as an impulse and catalyst for cultural shifts challenging status quos, advancing cultural philosophy and activism/artivism and subverting harmful discourses at work among communities of practice and academic disciplines. The authors of this volume demonstrate the discoursive power of value-production and show pathways of global–local queer resistance, virtuosity and failure in the fields of philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, art, criminology, health, social media, history, religion and politics.

The volume features a particular South Asia focus and a balanced mix of early career researchers and established scholars, which reflects Queering Paradigms’ ethos for fostering a genial academic community of practice and to proffer intergenerational support and voice.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments  ix


Bee Scherer
Queer Interventions, Ethics, and Glocalities  1

Part 1: Queer Interventions

Emile Bojesen
The Queer Optimism of a Remuant Pedagogy  15

Bojan Koltaj
Queer(ing) Žižek  27

Julia Scholz
Queering Identities in Psychology: Blind Alleys and Avenues  41

Alba Pons Rabasa, Daniel Brittany Chávez and Carolina Novella
Transiting Decolonization, Gender and Disease through/in/with Performance as Research  69

Part 2: Troubling (Glocal) Ethics

Matthew Ball
The Ethics of Queer/ing Criminology: The Case of the ‘Prison of Love’  109

Doris Leibetseder
Reproductive Ethics: an Example of an Allied Dis/Ability-Queer-Feminist Justice  131

Christina Welch
Representing Queer Women: Nakedness and Sexuality in the Visual Presentation of the Colonised Body of the Female Other  147

Masha Neufeld and Katharina Wiedlack
Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: Lesbians, Gays and Transgender between Russia and “the West”  173

Part 3: Queer Glocalities in South Asia

Rohit Dasgupta
Queering Virtual Intimacies in Contemporary India  197

Lhamu Tshering Dukpa
Unsettling the ‘Hijra’ Identity: a Study of the Hijras of Siliguri  215

Carol S. Anderson
Changing Sex in Pāli Buddhist Monastic Literature  231
Bee Scherer
Variant Dharma: Buddhist Queers, Queering Buddhisms  253


Chris Mounsey
Learning from Queer/Variable Embodiment  275

Notes on Contributors 287
Index  291

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