QP6 — Call for Papers

UPDATE: Please see the second Call for Papers here.

Queering Paradigms 6:

Ethics Beyond Troubling: Towards Queer(ed) (Vari)Ability


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After an exciting and highly productive five year journey through four continents, the Queering Paradigms conference will visit its point of origin again in its sixth incarnation. Queering Paradigms 6 is planned to be held in South England 20-25 (21-24) July 2015.

Queering the academic conference format, QP6 will be hosted at two places: at the University of Winchester and at the other end of the pilgrims’ way, at QP’s birth place at Canterbury Christ Church University. QP6 part-merges with VariAbilit(ies) II (questioning the dis/abled binary), organised by Chris Mounsey (chris.mounsey[at]winchester.ac.uk) to form a conference continuum, variably the “same only different”. A rest/sightseeing/travel day is included in the combined schedule:

20 July 2015

VariAbilit(ies) II

University of Winchester

21 July 2015 Queering Paradigms 6 VariAbilit(ies) II University of Winchester
23 July 2015 Queering Paradigms 6 VariAbilit(ies) II Canterbury Christ Church University
24 July 2015 Queering Paradigms 6 Canterbury Christ Church University
(25 July 2015 QP6 extra (possible) tba)

Returning to an intensive workshop format of the first QP conference, we aim to restrict the papers to fit with a consecutive sessions-only format of around 30 papers under the coherent theme of

Ethics Beyond Troubling: Towards Queer(ed) (Vari)Ability.

In order to facilitate both a high intensity discourse and still maximize participation we might include one or more poster presentation session(s).

Hence the QP6 conference aims to establish a multidisciplinary and bi- (or multi)- locational discourse around the possibility, challenges and potential of Intersectional Post/Queer Ethics and Practices beyond subversion and troubling.

In particular we invite submissions of proposals in the area of Post/Queer(ed) Ethics (Applied or Theoretical) intersecting with, troubling and transcending (paradigms in) Health, Psychology, Special Needs Education and Disability Studies. Further intersections could include age; race/ethnicity; socio-economic status; religion/faith/irreligion.

Paper (poster) abstracts and panel proposals are invited by 30 October 2014. Please send to

Prof. B. Scherer, CCCU, b.scherer[at]canterbury.ac.uk.

Paper abstracts should be around 300 words long and include a clear rationale of the relevance of the paper to the conference theme and an indication whether the paper is intended to be an original (unpublished and not under review) contribution to the QP6 book, to be published 2016 with Peter Lang, Oxford (containing 16-20 chapters).

Please note that we expect a high volume of submissions.

Acceptance of papers is strictly conditional of full papers being received by 1 May 2015.

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