Preliminary programme for QP 2021 Colloquium

Queering Religious Paradigms: Critical Approaches to Gender & Sexuality/-ies in Religious Thought and Practices in connection with our friends from Transgressive Religions


Prof. Dr. Naomi Goldenberg (Ottawa) – “The Religious is Political” – Queering Masculinist Foundations of the Nation-State

(Queering Paradigms Keynote)

Prof. Dr. Melissa M. Wilcox (Riverside, CA), Daddies, Fathers, Sisters, Folk: Meditations on Religion and Kinship in Queer Spaces

(Transgressive Religion Keynote, 28 June)

Speakers (A-Z)

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga (President, International Association of Religion and Gender, Berlin), Life, Biopolitics, Bioethics and Religion in Japan and Germany

Ven. Prof. Chao-hwei 釋昭慧 (Taipei) – 台灣同志運動的佛法觀點 A Buddhist View on Queer Activism in Taiwan

Dr. Diego Garcia Rodriguez (London) – Islam, Internal Migration and Queer Travels in Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Hsiao-Lan Hu (Detroit) – Multiply Queered, Singularly Queered, Victimhood, and Spiritual Growth

Vinod Kumar, MA (Delhi) – Sexless Bachelors, Monogamous Couples, and Promiscuous Kings in Ancient India

Prof. Dr. Kathleen McPhillips (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) – Nuns and Abuse: Queering Women Religious in the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Dr Leo Raznovich (Grand Cayman) – Religion, Law, and LGBTIQ+ Human Rights: Recent Challenges in the Caribbean

Rabbi Mark L. Solomon (London) – ‘By Way of His Maleness’: The Rabbinic Inscription of Gender on Intersex Bodies and its Implications for Male and Transmasculine Gay Identity

Prof. Dr. Bee Scherer (Amsterdam) – Indecenting Jesus and the Buddha: Detoxing Masculinities in Sacred Biographies

Prof. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit (Amsterdam) – Queer History: ‘Queer’ as a Heuristic and Historiographical Category in Biblical Interpretation

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