QP7 presenter and queer Caribbean activist Maurice Tomlinson partially successful in challenging anti-gay laws in Trinidad and Tobago

Maurice, who shared his struggles in Jamaica in the the award winning documentary ‘The abominable crime’ at a QP7 pre-conference screening Friday evening, achieved a partial victory in his judicial challenge against Trinidad and Tobago’s anti-gay travel laws.

Yesterday the Caribbean Court of Justice denied my application for a declaration that the laws of Belize and Trinidad & Tobago, which ban the entry of homosexuals, violate my right to free movement in CARICOM. HOWEVER, the court made it clear that as a homosexual I must be allowed the right of entry into both countries AND that the states should act to repeal the laws which create confusion for CARICOM travel. This provide some clarity for Caribbean LGBTI people. As a result of the novel nature of the case the court denied Belize’s application for me to pay their legal costs. So, all in all I am ok with the verdict. There is no possibility of appealing the judgement so it is now time for the states to act.

The executive summery of the judgement can be downloaded here

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