QP6 book forthcoming!

Queering Paradigms VI: Interventions, Ethics, and Glocalities (Oxford: Peter Lang) is now submitted and in production (expected publication end of September/ early October 2016).

Following the successful QP6 conference (CCCU, July 2015) the volume edited by QP founder Bee Scherer offers queer interventions, explores value-production in socio-corporeal normative frameworks, and shows pathways of global-local queer resistance; virtuosity; and failure in Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Art, Criminology, Health, Social Media, History, Religion and Politics.

The volume features a particular South Asia focus and a balanced mix of early career researchers and established scholars, which reflects Queering Paradigm’s ethos to foster a genial academic community of practice and to proffer intergenerational support and voice.

Content preview:

Introduction: Bee Scherer, Queer Interventions, Ethics, and GlocalitiesPart 1: Queer Interventions – Emile Bojesen, The Queer Optimism of a Remuant Pedagogy; Bojan Koltaj, Queer(ing) Žižek; Julia Scholz, Queering Identities in Psychology: Blind Alleys and Avenues; Alba Pons Rabasa, Daniel Brittany Chávez and Carolina Novella, Transiting Decolonization, Gender and Disease through/in/with Performance as Research. Part 2: Troubling (Glocal) Ethics -Matthew Ball, The Ethics of Queer/ing Criminology: The Case of the ‘Prison of Love’; Doris Leibetseder, Reproductive Ethics: an Example of an Allied Dis/Ability-Queer-Feminist Justice; Christina Welch, Representing Queer Women: Nakedness and Sexuality in the Visual Presentation of the Colonised Body of the Female Other; Masha Neufeld and Katharina Wiedlack, Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: Lesbians, Gays and Transgender between Russia and “the West”Part 3: Queer Glocalities in South Asia – Rohit Dasgupta, Queering Virtual Intimacies in Contemporary India; Lhamu Tshering Dukpa, Unsettling the ‘Hijra’ Identity: a Study of the Hijras of Siliguri; Carol S. Anderson, Changing Sex in Pāli Buddhist Monastic Literature; Bee Scherer, Variant Dharma: Buddhist Queers, Queering BuddhismsAfterword – Chris Mounsey, Learning from Queer/Variable Embodiment. Notes on Contributors. Index.

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