QP6: Preliminary Programme at CCCU, 23-24 July 2015

Queering Paradigms 6


Programme at Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K.

23 – 24 July 2015

Location: Powell, ground floor Pg09 (North Holmes Road Campus)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

8:45am Registration, distribution of conference packs for presenters

9am Welcome by Keith McLay (Dean of Arts and Humanities; Senior Management Team Member responsible for the Arts, Culture and Sports)

Session: Queer Ethics: Readings and Applications

Chair: Shane Blackman (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Will Visconti, Constructing La Goulue: the Queer, the Criminal, and the Cancan

Bojan Koltaj (Canterbury Christ Church University), Žižek’s political theology of the Neighbour as Queer ethics?

John Gilmore (Canterbury Christ Church University), Queer Expressions: Sexuality in daily healthcare

(Break ca. 11-11:30am)

11:30am VariAbilit(ies) II @ QP6: Variability, sexuality and “The Remuant”

Chair: Bee Scherer (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Chris Mounsey, The Limits of Knowing the Variable Body

Emile Bojesen, Queer Pedagogy for a Remuant Existence

Lunch break (ca. 1-2:30pm)

2:30pm Afternoon Session: Narratives and Theories

Chair: Janet Melville-Wiseman (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Matt Ball, The Ethics of Queer/ing Criminology: The Case of the ‘Prison of Love’

Paula Kuzbit (Canterbury Christ Church University), Queering Cancer Narratives

(Break ca. 3:30-4pm)

Ian Marsh (Canterbury Christ Church University), Queering Suicidology: The Challenge of Ontological Differences within a (fairly unreflective) Disciplinary Field

Doris Leibetseder, Reproductive Ethics: an example of an allied dis/ability-queer-feminist justice

5:30pm Optional excursion: Canterbury Cathedral Evensong

 8:30pm Queering Paradigms 6 PARTY! LGBT night at the Two Sawyers pub

(58 Ivy Lane, near CCCU)

Friday, 24 July 2015

8:30am Coffee and Tea offered by CCCq, the LGBTIQ+ staff network of CCCU

9am Welcome by Tony Lavender (Pro-VC, representing the Vice-Chancellor and SMT responsible for research; and Equality & Diversity)

Keynote Panel: Queered Religion Chair: Bee Scherer

Carol S. Anderson (Kalamazoo College), Regulating Physical Bodies in Pali Buddhist Texts

Melissa M. Wilcox (Whitman College), Sincerest Form of Flattery? Serious Parody and Twenty-First Century Queer Nuns

 (Break ca. 11-11:30am)

Session: Glocal [global-local] Queer

Part I South Asia. Chair: Carol S. Anderson

Rohit Dasgupta, Virtual intimacies on digital queer platforms: Notes from India

Lorena Arocha, Queer and Trafficking: Positionalities, visibility and strategies among grassroot organisations in South Asia

Lhamu Tsering Dukpa, Understanding the Third: a study of the Hijras of Siliguri

Lunch break (ca. 1-2:30pm)

2:30pm Session: Glocal [global-local] Queer (continued)  

Part II Chair: Leonardo Raznovich

Pulane E. Motswapong, The role of the Church in propagating homophobia in Botswana: An investigation

Tshenolo Jennifer Moenga, The Ethics of Heteronormativity in Botswana and its Impact on Homosexuality

Katharina Wiedlack and Masha Neufeld, Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: lesbians, gays and transgender between Russia and „the West“

 (Break ca. 4-4:30pm)

Part III Chair: Declan Kavanagh

Rafael Garrido Alvarez, Violence against LGBTQ people in Quito, 2008-2013

Leonardo Raznovich, “Hate follows fear; and plotted ruin [follows] hate.” LGBT life and rights in the Caribbean.

Bex Harper, ‘Fight like a Girl’ in the Abusive Asylum: Emilie Autumn’s Queer-Feminist and Mental Health Activism

6-7pm Evening Wine Reception hosted by David Grummitt (Head of the School of Humanities)


Enquiries: Contact Bee Scherer, b.scherer@canterbury.ac.uk

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